Imagine riding a bike to the beach, or walking to your local market. Imagine sending your kids off to school with the peace of mind that they are traveling on a safe path with no cars. Imagine less cars on the road, people walking, exercising, spending time outdoors.

This is the promise of the North Shore Path – and it’s a promise that can become reality. This is not a new idea. Bike and community paths are proven to enhance community, health and wellness.

The Vision

This is the map that was used for the April 9, 2009 meeting at Princeville.

The North Shore Path project aims to create a network of multi-use paths for biking, walking and other forms of non-motorized transportation. The goal is to link together the communities of Kilauea, Princeville & Hanalei and to transform the North Shore into a model for sustainable, non-motorized transit wherein biking and walking are oftentimes more convenient than using a car. To the greatest extent possible, the path will be isolated from roadways – thereby offering users a healthy, peaceful, and safe experience.


Working with the Kauai Path Organization and local government, members of our communities are building awareness, advocacy, political support and financial resources for the North Shore Path. In April 2009 a public meeting was held to discuss alternative routes for a path network. Guided by input, the North Shore Path Alternatives Report (NSPAR) is anticipated for publication in October of this year. The NSPAR will be a visually rich document with maps and resources to better inform and guide our communites in the development of this path. The NSPAR will be a critical tool to promote path goals and gernerate essential funding for the project. For more information go to